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On hiatus & onward to Far West Folk Alliance

My radio show is in hiatus for a few weeks but you can listen to reruns of past shows in my regular time-slot on Tuesday evenings at 8-9:15 PM on KLOI 102.9.

My daughter Alia and her boyfriend Michael are in the Dead Air Gypsy spot every week now on Tuesdays from 9:15- 10:15 PM on KLOI 102.9. They will be hosting in that time slot till mid- November. They are doing a great job! Please give a listen!

Michael and Alia and The Dead Air Gypsies: Social commentary mixed with great music and some live interviews! Be there!

Next Thursday Oct. 23rd I am heading to the Far – West Folk Alliance in Phoenix. I will be attending in several guises; As promotion publicist and support for musician Alice Di Micele (Yeah! she got a premiere showcase!!), hopefully to drum up more work for my website and music promotion business, to gain more info on presenting music concerts and how I can do my Home on the Grange Music Series better (funding!?! is big on the wish list!), and for my radio show Gleanings.

I’ll be back with more music and lotsa information to share!!!! In the meantime, check out the Gleanings reruns and Alia and Michael’s shows!!!