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Gleanings Radio Show – 3/10/09 – Playlist

Playlist Gleanings – March. 10, 2009
Gleanings airs every Tuesday 8-9:30ish PM, KLOI 102.9, Lopez Island WA.
Host: Sue DuMond
Intro: Perfect Music – Poi Dog Pondering – 7
Theme: Still reeling from the passing on of friends in our small community, some more passing on songs for our departed Scotsman. Some new releases and the end song to send me on my journey to SXSW….

1.  Scots On The Rocks
Track Length: 4:36
Sung by: Peatbog Faeries
Album: Croftwork

2.  Light Under The Door
Track Length: 4:02
Sung by: The Pines
Album: Sparrows In The Bell

3.  End Of The Season
Track Length: 4:58
Sung by: Paul Kamm And Eleanore MacDonald
Album: Like Water

4.  River Of Time
Track Length: 2:56
Sung by: Jorma Kaukonen
Album: River Of Time

5.  Farewell
Track Length: 5:35
Sung by: Kate Rusby
Album: Awkward Annie

6.  Something, Somehow
Track Length: 3:14
Sung by: Robby Hecht
Album: Late Last Night

7.  There Was A Girl
Track Length: 5:22
Sung by: James O’Malley
Album: Tales To Tell

8.  Alien Ceilidh
Track Length: 4:01
Sung by: Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
Album: In The Moment

9.  Swing Me Down
Track Length: 3:55
Sung by: Danny Schmidt
Album: Instead The Forest Rose To Sing

10.  Beyond My Wildest Dreams
Track Length: 4:25
Sung by: Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Album: All The Roadrunning

11.  Faith To Believe
Track Length: 4:03
Sung by: Donna The Buffalo
Album: Rockin’ In The Weary Land

12.  Ashes To Ashes
Track Length: 4:02
Sung by: Steve Earle
Album: Jerusalem

13.  These Stones Will Shout
Track Length: 3:54
Sung by: The Raconteurs
Album: Consolers Of The Lonely

14.  Torn To Tatterered
Track Length: 5:29
Sung by: Carbon Leaf
Album: Echo Echo

15.  Earth My Body
Track Length: 7:22
Sung by: Joanne Rand
Album: The Monkey-Puzzle

16.  Decisions Decisions, Kevin O’neill of Rutherglen
Track Length: 3:57
Sung by: Peatbog Faeries
Album: Croftwork

17.  So The Journey Goes
Track Length: 6:23
Sung by: Autorickshaw
Album: So The Journey Goes

Gleanings Radio Show – 2/24/09 – Playlist

Playlist Gleanings – Feb. 24, 2009
Gleanings airs every Tuesday 8-9:30ish PM, KLOI 102.9, Lopez Island WA.
Host: Sue DuMond
Intro: Perfect Music – Poi Dog Pondering – 7
Theme: A very tragic unexpected death in our small community. On the heels of that another death. Passing on songs….
Note: Show on March 3rd was interview with visiting Bolivian Scientist Ernesto Miranda and Emma Felber  from UK who spent two years in Bolivia. Interview and Bolivian and UK folk music played. Playlist unavailable.

1.  Dear Forest, t-Atlltan Dubh, Cailin Mo Run-Sa, Foxhunter Reel And Jig – AGillies
Track Length: 6:51
Sung by: Jack Lee, Alasdair Gillies
Album: The Piping Centre

2.  The Circle Is Unbroken (Live)
Track Length: 6:13
Sung by: Incredible String Band
Album: Heritage

3.  Praise The Lord
Track Length: 2:56
Sung by: Poi Dog Pondering
Album: Wishing Like A Mountain And Thinking Like The Sea [Bonus Track]

4.  Seize The Day
Track Length: 4:13
Sung by: Damien Dempsey
Album: Seize The Day

5.  Wall Of Death
Track Length: 3:48
Sung by: The Kennedys
Album: River Of Fallen Stars

6.  In the Middle
Track Length: 3:16
Sung by: Rachel Bissex
Album: I Used to be Nice

7.  Heaven’s Gonna Be My Home
Track Length: 2:55
Sung by: The Crooked Jades
Album: World’s on Fire

8.  Will My Mother Know Me There? – Ricky Skaggs
Track Length: 3:05
Sung by: Various Artists – Dualtone
Album: Strings and Things: The Best in Bluegrass, Volume 1

9.  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Track Length: 1:46
Sung by: Laura Love
Album: Z Therapy

10.  The Cottonwoods
Track Length: 5:47
Sung by: Alice Di Micele
Album: by ebb & by flow

11.  In My Life
Track Length: 2:27
Sung by: The Beatles
Album: Rubber Soul

12.  When You Walk On
Track Length: 3:19
Sung by: Eliza Gilkyson
Album: Paradise Hotel

13.  River Is Waiting
Track Length: 3:22
Sung by: John Fogerty
Album: Revival

14.  Time to Move On
Track Length: 3:15
Sung by: Tom Petty
Album: Wildflowers

15.  Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Track Length: 4:05
Sung by: Warren Zevon
Album: The Wind

16.  Darkness, Darkness
Track Length: 4:59
Sung by: Solas
Album: The Edge Of Silence

17.  Heaven
Track Length: 3:47
Sung by: Los Lonely Boys
Album: Los Lonely Boys

18.  Step Into The Light
Track Length: 4:46
Sung by: Mavis Staples
Album: Have A Little Faith

19.  I’ll Take You There
Track Length: 4:41
Sung by: The Staple Singers
Album: Staple Singers Greatest Hits

20.  Farewell Reel
Track Length: 3:54
Sung by: Patti Smith

21.  Eyes of the World 74-08-06
Track Length: 18:58
Sung by: Grateful Dead
Live: 74-08-06, Roosevelt Stadium

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